• Look to Jesus: A Review (and giveaway!)
  • Learning to Recognize Progress Can Save Your Marriage
  • 25 Family Fun Days (We Are Fa-mi-ly Series)
  • 3 Ways to Build Strong Sibling Bonds (We Are Fa-mi-ly Series)
Dawn Klinge's new book, Look to Jesus, gently leads the reader to an understanding of how to trust God even during the painful trials of life. Read here for a review and enter for your chance to win a copy of this new release!

Look to Jesus: A Review (and giveaway!)

If someone asked me if I trust God, I’d most likely answer yes, but I haven’t always trusted God in every circumstance.  In fact, during certain trials in my life when I felt I was drowning, trust seemed very hard to come by. I’m certain I have more lessons in trust ahead of me, too.… [read more]

Nothing helps to keep a family close quite like spending time together and having fun. Want to create fun memories with your children? Try one of these 25 activities for your next family fun day or night! From the We Are Fa-mi-ly Series at Being Confident of This25 Activities for Family Fun We Are Fa-mi-ly Series fb

25 Family Fun Days (We Are Fa-mi-ly Series)

All month long here at Being Confident of This, we’ve been addressing the need for strong families, the kind that stick together for life, the kind that leave legacies for future generations.  If you missed the first few articles, I suggest that you check the schedule at the bottom to catch up. As I mentioned… [read more]

How do you define joy? Joy is mentioned often in the Bible, but not often in the context we might assume. Learn how trusting Jesus leads to joy that's indescribable and unshakable!

How Trusting Jesus Leads to Joy

Friends, I’m overjoyed to introduce you to my writer friend, Dawn Klinge, who blogs over at Above the Waves. Dawn has a new book that’s about to be released: Look To Jesus:  How to Let Go of Worry and Trust God (coming January 26th, 2016). Today she’s agreed to share some of what she has learned… [read more]

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