• How to Overcome a Bad Day
  • What If God Actually Answered My Prayers?
  • The Power of a Choice: When a Day Turns Ugly
  • How to Survive a Spiritual Landmine
What do you do when you wake up with zero motivation? How do you get past a grumpy mood so early on in the day? Try these 10 tips for turning a bad day around.

How to Overcome a Bad Day

Some days just getting started in the morning is the most difficult challenge we’ll face all day long.  It’s hard to overcome a bad day, especially when it starts out rough from the very beginning! You know, the days when: the kids wake up way too early you feel overwhelmed by your to-do list you… [read more]

If you are struggling through a difficult season in your marriage, you may wonder "Will God ever answer my prayers?" Don't fall for these 4 common lies, but stand on the truths of God's Word instead.

What If God Actually Answered My Prayers?

His words caught me totally by surprise. I looked up from what I was doing to be sure I’d heard him. My husband has never been very definitive about anything, especially pertaining to our marriage, so his matter-of-fact response caught me off guard. My husband and I have had a rough few years. We’ve had… [read more]

You feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. The day turns unexpectedly ugly and you're searching for some hope. It all comes down to the power of your choice.

The Power of a Choice: When a Day Turns Ugly

It was ugly. There was a bee sting and disobedient children followed by a sudden realization that all was not well. Disappointment, frustration, harsh words, and fear all balled up into one, a wound ripped open in the midst of a beautiful day. All thoughts of fun or enjoyment fled. And the children were watching.… [read more]

Suddenly the day that was going so well, the life that was on track, suddenly falls to pieces. It's as if you stepped on a spiritual landmine. Now you're in survival mode....How to Survive a Spiritual Landmine

How to Survive a Spiritual Landmine

If you’re reading these words here today, then I’m sure you’ve experienced it – the spiritual landmine, a blast that rocks your world when you least expect it. The blast may be small, just enough to blow smoke in your face and get you all worked up, or it may be catastrophic: a death, a… [read more]

When you've been facing down a giant like Goliath, but your battle is not yet over, you begin to grow weary, discouraged. What if a change in perspective could be the light at the end of the tunnel that you need to persevere? Read more here about When You Need a Fresh Perspective of Your Goliath

When You Need a Fresh Perspective of Your Goliath

Sometimes we need an utter change in perspective, don’t we? I just read a different perspective on David’s attempt to kill Goliath. I think I’ve probably heard it before, but it sure isn’t the perspective I usually hold. Usually I consider (probably like most of us) that Goliath was a huge giant and that it… [read more]

You argued with your husband...again... but then you reconciled. So why do you still feel defeated inside? Learn how to overcome the post-argument hangover emotions that keep you from experiencing victory. 4 Ways to Overcome the Post-argument Hangover

4 Ways to Overcome the Post-argument Hangover

If you’ve been married for any length of time, you’ve probably experienced it – the all-day-long fight. You know, the one you just can’t seems to resolve, the one that leaves you nearly breathless and emotionally spent. And even when you do manage to see each other’s point of view, even when you reconcile with… [read more]

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