• To the Doctor Who Gave Us Options
  • 8 Secrets to Keeping Tweens and Teens in the Family
  • Why You Need to Take a Leap of Faith ~ and a Giveaway!
  • The Secret to Being a Warrior Wife
It's a pregnant mother's greatest fear - finding abnormalities during an ultrasound. Here's the story of how one family dealt with their "options." To the Doctor who gave us options

To the Doctor Who Gave Us Options

“The heartbeat looks strong. The measurements are all within normal range. Um, I have to go get the doctor to discuss this with you…just a minute.” Dear Doctor, You once asked me what I was going to do. You had just finished telling me that everything would almost certainly be fine, that a large number… [read more]

We get so caught up in busy schedules and who we think we are supposed to be that we forget our primary purpose. Don't make the mistake of leaving your husband without the helper he really needs. Being a warrior wife is not just a role... The Secret to being a Warrior Wife

The Secret to Being a Warrior Wife

He shuffled into the living room, shoulders slumped, and with a great sigh lowered himself to the couch.  His clothes bore the marks of a man who worked hard for a living. He could barely meet my gaze, as if he were somehow lacking or not enough.  I knew he needed my compassion and encouragement,… [read more]

Proverbs says that a cheerful heart is like good medicine, and research supports that joy aids in healing and in keeping a healthy body! But in the dark times, joy can feel so very hard to find. If you're struggling with some blues or enduring a season of grief, consider this advice for keeping your spirits up. 10 Ways to Maintain a Cheerful Heart

10 Simple Ways to Maintain a Cheerful Heart

If you haven’t noticed on facebook, all of us folks here in the Midwest have been calling Mr. Groundhog a big, fat liar. I’m not sure if it’s really his fault or if we’ve been the victims of some cosmic April Fool’s prank, but after being teased with Spring, our Winter carried right over into… [read more]

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