• The Secret to Being a Warrior Wife
  • 3 Ways to Calm Your Emotions ~ Before They Ruin Your Marriage
  • 10 Simple Ways to Maintain a Cheerful Heart
  • A Light to the Darkness
We get so caught up in busy schedules and who we think we are supposed to be that we forget our primary purpose. Don't make the mistake of leaving your husband without the helper he really needs. Being a warrior wife is not just a role... The Secret to being a Warrior Wife

The Secret to Being a Warrior Wife

He shuffled into the living room, shoulders slumped, and with a great sigh lowered himself to the couch.  His clothes bore the marks of a man who worked hard for a living. He could barely meet my gaze, as if he were somehow lacking or not enough.  I knew he needed my compassion and encouragement,… [read more]

Proverbs says that a cheerful heart is like good medicine, and research supports that joy aids in healing and in keeping a healthy body! But in the dark times, joy can feel so very hard to find. If you're struggling with some blues or enduring a season of grief, consider this advice for keeping your spirits up. 10 Ways to Maintain a Cheerful Heart

10 Simple Ways to Maintain a Cheerful Heart

If you haven’t noticed on facebook, all of us folks here in the Midwest have been calling Mr. Groundhog a big, fat liar. I’m not sure if it’s really his fault or if we’ve been the victims of some cosmic April Fool’s prank, but after being teased with Spring, our Winter carried right over into… [read more]

There are many who travel through life, lost and unsure of where they are headed, or how to get there. We need to be light to a lost world!

A Light to the Darkness

I arrived in the darkness, just like every other winter Sunday night. The drive was so familiar – I’ve made the trip for many years of my life. There was no reason to expect anything new or different – none whatsoever. I think that may be one of the things I appreciate most about God… [read more]

Often the Lord asks us to do things that just don't make sense to the world or even fellow believers. Throughout the Bible we see the evidence of such "fools for Christ." Are we willing to risk that label? And if so, what are the consequences? The One Time You Want to be a Fool

The One Time You Want to Be a Fool

I have a little confession to make:  I am afraid to fail, to look a fool. Recently I realized I’ve been afraid to get excited about our church plant opening in less than two weeks.  Yes, me, a church planter’s wife. Afraid. It all sounded so exciting back in the beginning and even leading up… [read more]

Sometimes we grow so busy living on mission for Christ that we forget the joy of our salvation, and we begin to take it for granted. Here are 12 scriptures to meditate on this Easter that will remind you of what Jesus accomplished on the cross.

12 Verses for Easter Meditations

Each year I see them peeking through the lingering snow – the red buds on the large tree outside my window – and I know Spring is near.  Not long after, the robins return to our backyard with their morning chirping, and soon the green tips of our tulips will push through the water-logged ground.… [read more]

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