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Waiting While Sea…             Fat Girl Insecurities                    He Who Has Ears…

Being Confident of This, wait on the Lord, greek root for the word strong, be strong and courageous, waiting on the Lord, waiting while suffering               my-fat-girl-insecurities, insecure-about-body, insecure, overweight, fat, trying to lose weight, obese, heavy, healthy body image, health                  He-who-has-ears-let-him-hear, the meaning of the Greek word for hear, obeying-God, Being-Confident-of-This

Choosing Mary Moments        That New Girl…                        Choosing the Struggle

choosingmarymoments, being-mary-instead-of-martha, being-mary-in-martha-world, mary-and-martha, Being Confident of This              that new girl, no condemnation, identity, loving yourself, identity in Christ, self-acceptance, imperfect progress                 choosing the struggle, rough day, feeling defeated, struggle with discouragement, hope for the weary

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