Confident Marriage

Is it really possible to be confident in your marriage?  Even in the dark and difficult times?

I believe so, but I didn’t always feel that way.

For many years, I feared that my husband and I might not make it.

I was tired of trying, period.

I was broken-hearted.

I had lost all hope.

I was a hurting wife.

All hope seemed to be lost.

I often say that my husband and I remain married purely by God’s grace alone, and it’s true.

The truth is that many more of us have been through dark times in marriage than we would like to admit. All marriages experience conflict, albeit some more so than others.

Fellow weary wife, don’t let the enemy convince you that you are alone in this struggle or that you will never find joy and peace in your marriage.

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Don’t let him convince you that you are stuck.

Don’t let him discourage you with the thought that you’ll never experience confident marriage.

I’m here to tell you otherwise. Hope in the God of the impossible is not wishful thinking. Our hope in the Lord’s transforming work is real and it’s personal!

Hope for the Hurting Wife is a 30 day devotional written from the perspective of two women who understand what it is to feel lonely, abandoned, and weary.

Through our personal stories of heartache and scriptural insight, we address topics such as:

  • Moving forward after trauma
  • Loving even when you feel unloved
  • Protecting your heart
  • Understanding the power of choice
  • Trusting God while waiting for redemption
  • Dealing with PTSD and depression
  • Praying when you don’t feel like it
  • Recognizing progress

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You will never experience a perfect marriage here on earth, but you can experience real hope.

I’m learning that it really is possible to have a confident marriage!

Join us as we learn about confident marriage together.

Jen :)

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