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Marriage Resources to Build a Better Marriage

If you’ve come here searching for some hope for your marriage or simply ways to improve it, then you’re in the right spot. Along with our book, Hope for the Hurting Wife, my co-author Rebekah Hallberg and I have compiled a list of resources that we have used and recommend for any marriage.


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Marriage Resources – Books We Love:

Hope for the Hurting Wife:  30 Days of Practical Encouragement for Your Marriage by Rebekah Hallberg and Jen Stults

Obviously, we love this book, and not just because we wrote it. ;) We love it because it’s a testimony to the power of God to work real and lasting change in marriage, even marriages that are on the rocks!

Rebekah and I both know the pain of existing in a struggling marriage, a seemingly hopeless and broken marriage. Yet we also know the power of God’s redeeming love and the changes that take place when women of God humble themselves, seek His face, and pray like Warrior Wives!

If you’re looking for some hope to cling to, please take a look!Do you wonder if there is any hope left for your marriage? Do you feel stuck as a Christian wife? Are you ready to give up on marriage? Have you even considered divorce? Don't give up yet - there is still hope - take it from 2 women who have been there! Hope for the Hurting Wife Being Confident of This #Christianmarriage #hope #encouragement #book

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Every Wife’s Choice: Loving Beyond the Mood of the Moment – by Sarah Fairchild

Sarah is my (Jen’s) amazing and creative sister, who has also lived through some difficult times in marriage and found the abundant life that lies on the other side of those trials. This book, however, is for EVERY wife – newly married, happily married, struggling, looking for more, or celebrating fifty-plus years! Sarah’s book focuses on the biblical definition of real love by taking an in-depth look at 1 Corinthians 13 with a combination of Greek key-word study and hilarious anecdotes from her own experience. Every Wife’s Choice is one of my favorite marriage resources!

Learn how the choices you make affect your marriage!

A Wife’s 40-Day Fasting and Prayer Journal: A Guide to Strategic Prayer – by Kaylene Yoder

Kaylene has been a friend of mine for years now, and she, too, has struggled through some tough seasons of marriage. What I love most about her is her fierce desire to be the wife God wants her to be. This book is also for EVERY wife – learn to harness the power of prayer and fasting in your marriage!

The Power of a Praying Wife – by Stormie Omartian

Omartian’s book guided me through a particularly difficult and dark season of marriage. After reading the first couple of chapters, I was really tempted to put it down and walk away, but I’m so thankful I didn’t.

Omartian doesn’t pull any punches with the truth, but she also offers much encouragement. Fight for your marriage using the powerful weapon of prayer! The Power of a Praying Wife is another one of my favorite marriage resources. :)


Fervent: A Woman’s Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer – by Priscilla Shirer

I haven’t yet completed this study, but it’s on my to-read list because I know from experience the power of prayer. And if your marriage is in trouble, then friend, prayer is your first and most important resource. Invite the God of the impossible to step in and have His way with your marriage!

Love and Respect: The Love She Most Desires; The Respect He Desperately Needs – by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

My husband and I attended a Love and Respect seminar, and found Dr. Eggerichs’ description of the crazy cycle to be immensely helpful. This book has practical tips for breaking the crazy cycle and finding your way back to a healthy dynamic in marriage.

The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts – by Gary Chapman

I have long appreciated this book because my husband and I have very different love languages. We so often forget to show love for each other in our spouse’s love language rather than our own, don’t we? And what a difference it could make if we choose to love our men as they wish to be loved!



A healthy marriage doesn't come naturally - it takes a lot of hard work! This list of trusted resources are helpful for any marriage - the one that just needs a little refreshing and the one that is in real distress. The authors understand what a burden a troubled marriage relationship can be, but they also know the power of God's redeeming work.  Christian wife, hope for marriage, troubled marriage, difficult marriage, marriage problems, marriage encouragement, strong marriage, healthy marriage, god-centered marriage, godly wife, good wife

Marriage Resources – Devotionals We Recommend:

When Words Won’t Come – by Leah C. Adams

My friend Leah shares encouraging words in this daily devotional for women who are struggling in their faith or going through hard times!

Trust Without Borders: A 40-Day Devotional Journey to Deepen, Strengthen, and Stretch Your Faith in God – by Arabah Joy

This book written by my friend A.J. (as I call her) uses everyday illustrations to help us understand God’s character and the nature of real trust! It’s also a daily devotional that will help you grow in your faith!

The Love Dare Day by Day: A Year of Devotions for Couples – by Stephen Kendrick and Alex Kendrick

This book is full of encouragement and practical ways to demonstrate love to one another. :)

The One Year Love Talk Devotional for Couples – by Les and Leslie Parrott

Nothing strengthens a marriage quite like spending time in God’s presence together!  Use a devotional like this one to study the Word together and pray together. See more options for couples’ devotionals below in this list of marriage resources!

Night Light: A Devotional for Couples – by James and Shirley Dobson


NIV Couples’ Devotional Bible – by Zondervan

Marriage Resources – Becoming a Better Wife Course

This course from my friend Kaylene (author of one of the above books!) is seven lessons in being the wife God wants you to be. If you’re not sure if you’ll like her book, try out this course first as she introduces many of the key concepts that are central to her book!

Do you need an action plan to help you pray for your marriage? The Becoming a Better Wife course is designed by a wife who was desperate to see change in her own marriage. She knew she couldn't continue the way things were, so she set out with a plan to pray and fast for her marriage. This course contains 7 sessions of study material, beautiful printables and active challenges! Join today using code JS10 for an extra 10% off!

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