One Simple Way to Meet Your Goals

~One Simple Way to Meet Your Goals~

I’ll admit, I tend to resist goals. You?

My perfectionist nature resists setting a standard for fear that I might fail. It’s one of the reasons I had such a hard time finding my “one word.”

I don’t like to be wrong.

I don’t like to fall short.

But the flip side of that is never stretching myself, never reaching for something more, never giving myself a chance to succeed.

It’s not that I never have any goals for myself at all for; it’s just that I don’t often claim them, don’t voice them aloud, don’t share them with others, and don’t hold myself accountable.  I’m guilty of keeping my goals general rather than specific because that makes them easier to meet.

However, this year I recognize the need to risk a little more, step out in faith while trusting in the God who is at work in us and promises to complete that work (Phil.1:6).

If I get up with this long list of "must do's" each day, I'll be worn out and discouraged before lunch. Setting and reaching goals can be overwhelming for some. Focus on this simple way to meet your goals instead! 1Simple Way to Meet Your Goals from Being Confident of This

One of my goals for the year is to do my part in restoring my health.

I need more sleep. I need more exercise. I need to eat more balanced meals and to take in less sugar. This past month or so of illness has been eye-opening. I need to do these things in order to be healthy, but more importantly to honor the Father with my body, to walk in obedience with Him.

I need to do these things in order to be healthy, but more importantly to honor the Father with my body, to walk in obedience with Him.

Pray for me, sisters!

Another goal for the year is to use my time more wisely through better planning.

Time management affects so many areas of my life, but to be specific, I plan to spend at least two mornings a week writing and working on this blog.

Previously, I’ve squeezed writing in here and there, but I’m finding lately that if I don’t plan time to write, it just doesn’t happen. And then I lay awake at night with all of these great ideas and phrases and sometimes whole sentences or paragraphs swirling around in my mind. Anyone else? :)

I want to obey the Lord in best using this gift of writing. I don’t want to put that on hold unless He asks that of me, and lately He seems to be asking more, not less in this area.

Women everywhere understand this pull to be involved in ALL of the good things, but often in our attempts to do so, we miss out on the best things. If I want the best for me and for my family, I have to learn to follow the Holy Spirit’s leading and not man’s wisdom.

I make it my goal to please Christ.

“Am I now trying to win the approval of human beings, or of God? Or am I trying to please people? If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ.”

Gal. 1:10

If I get up with this long list of "must do's" each day, I'll be worn out and discouraged before lunch. Focus on this simple way to meet your goals instead! One Simple Way to Meet Your Goals from Being Confident of This

A final goal is to love my husband as Christ does.

It’s been a really tough year for both of us. The trials have been nearly constant and there is always the temptation to withdraw into oneself in order to survive the refining fires. But we cannot! For the sake of our marriage and our family, we must learn to suffer together, to support one another even when we already feel the weight of our own burdens.

I see already how the Father is working that understanding into us, teaching us a better way. I know He will be faithful to complete the work in our marriage, as well.

he makes all things beautiful verse, goals in marriage, setting goals for the year

One practical way I can love my husband better is to consistently reach out to him, whether through words or actions or touch. I can hug and kiss him when he leaves for the day and when he comes home. I can look at him and ask him how his day was even if I’m busy when he comes in the door.

My goal is to intentionally seek connection with him, to encourage him, and to help him feel loved – every day.

The simple way to meet your goals

When I read all of the words above, I am easily overwhelmed!  I see all of the flaws, the areas that need work. There are so many and I…

well, I am only one.

Do you feel that same lacking, sisters?  That same inadequacy?

However, the Father reminds me that I can accomplish these goals by doing one simple thing: abide in Him.

It’s true! If I focus on abiding in Him, I will be sensitive to His leading and these other areas of life will fall into place so much easier than if I try to work towards these goals all on my own.

If I get up with this long list of “must do’s” each day, I’ll be worn out and discouraged before lunchtime.

But if I get up with the goal of abiding in Him and following His leading, I can be at peace. You can too!

That’s the simple way to meet your goals – make it your goal to please Christ.

It comes back to that work-in-progress truth, my sisters in Christ.

He promises.

And I believe Him.

Jen :)


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  1. says

    I hear ya, Jen. I am right there with you, right down the line.
    MyFitnessPal! It was a GOD send to me right about last August. And MapMyWalk too. I KNOW the struggle! And I can tell you there is victory. Those ‘small’ choices made again and again do add up to HUGE changes as the months go by.
    And time management – oh please keep me encouraged there. I so need victory in this area!
    And my hubby. They ALL I suspect need more attention in this hurry up world. I know mine does!
    You have given us some grand advice. Thank you. I’ll be checking in on you. Blessings!

    • says

      Hi, Ellis! Yes, health first, although weight loss does need to be part of that for me. But I think the more I focus on healthy living, the easier it will be to get rid if the extra. Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me!
      Jen :)

  2. Becky says

    Awesome goals Jen, I will be praying for you in these specific areas this year as you continue to endeavor to please Him. I am confident He will be there every step of the way.

  3. says

    So true, Jen — if we abide in Him, He will lead us to do what is most important to Him and His perfect plan for our life. Thank you for sharing your goals with us in this beautiful post.
    God bless,

  4. jenniferclarkewriter says

    Jen, I so love and appreciate your transparency here. I can identify with the areas you struggle with, and with your heartfelt desire to steward well every single gift the Lord has granted: health, time, relationships, ministry, skills…each and every blessing is entrusted to us for a season and for a reason. Oh, that we may abide fully in Him, that we might be fruitful branches! Thanks so much for linking this with Grace & Truth, my friend.


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