The Words Your Child Really Needs to Hear

“You’re the best Mom ever!” She proclaims, as she grins and squeezes me with her small arms, and my mama heart expands to near bursting.

“Well, you’re the best daughter ever!” I smile back down at her.

And it’s true. She may be my only daughter at this time, but she is also the best.

It may sound like a simple, sweet exchange between mother and daughter, come and gone in just a few breaths. But I know better. I know these words are building a foundation in her, one sweet word at a time.

I say all the words that need telling because I know she needs to hear those words; I know she needs me to tell them to her.  I know because I need those words, too.

I need the “I love you”s, and the “you’re the best”s, and the “you’re the beautifulest mom ever”s, and the “I missed you”s. If I, a grown woman, need all the words that need telling, how much more does a child need to hear these same words?

So much more. So much more.

They are the words your child really needs to hear.

All the Words that need telling, tell kids you love them, tell people the gospel

So I tell her all the words that need telling – the words about love, the words about like, the words about her character, and the words about her Savior – because she needs to hear all of those important words. She needs to hear them often.

She needs to hear them often.

She may be little now, but soon enough she’ll be heading into her senior year of high school just like her oldest brother. And then she’ll leave for college (Lord-willing), and who will tell her all the words that she needs to hear then?

When she leaves the safety of our home to venture out on her own, she’ll find plenty of messages about how she’s not enough, how she’s no good, how she’s less than.

Those words are enough to crush a person, especially if she lacks a secure foundation.

The Words Your Child Really Needs to Hear

We’ve only a few years, friends, a few short years to speak the words your child really needs to hear.  Only a few years to tell of our love for them.  Only a few years to tell of the Savior’s love, too.

And they need to hear them because love is so central to the Gospel, so important.

That foundation of faith and love (or lack of one) can help determine your child’s life course. Such a foundation is a refuge in life’s storms, a comfort when staring down rejection, a balm when wounded.

The words your child really needs to hear develop a confidence in them that isn’t easily shaken.

Are you saying the words your kids really need to hear? They seem like simple words, simple conversations, but they build solid character. Do you speak them? saying the right words|motherhood|parenting|Christian parent|Christian women|children|speaking to kids|building up your kids|kids and confidence

Don’t be shy; don’t hesitate, friend.

Even if the words don’t come naturally to you, tell the words today, the words your child really needs to hear, because we are never guaranteed tomorrow.

Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds; tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up. Deut. 11:18-19

Speak words of life to your family today, friend. Make the most of every opportunity.

Tell all the words your child really needs to hear.

Tell Love

and Truth

and Kindness

and Peace.

Don’t wait!



  1. says

    I try to start every day with these words, no matter how we all felt at bed time the night before. Because starting fresh every day is integral to understanding grace. And because I’m more generous with it first thing in the morning (well, at least after my first cup of coffee…). But I pray to become more intentional with the words that pass my lips later in the day. My boys are rapidly becoming men and they need to be encouraged in their character! Thanks for this reminder!

    • says

      I think we all could be more intentional in this way! No one’s ever been accused of being too loving and encouraging as a parent, haha.

    • says

      You’re welcome! It’s so easy to get busy doing things for them and forget that what they really need is to know how we feel about them and how God loves them. :)

  2. says

    This is a great post. I must confess i struggle to do this to my kids.But, from now I will pay the price even when I don’t feel like. Please, is this forum for women folks alone? If not, how do I join you as a christian blogger? This is my first time here.

    • says

      Hi, Joseph,
      I write mostly for women because I am a woman myself. But, much of what I write about faith would be applicable to both women and men. You can join our community by signing up for the newsletter (in the right sidebar). Nice to meet you!
      Jen :)

  3. says

    So true! I think that’s applicable to all aspects of life. It’s so important to remember that our actions (of kindness) can speak volumes in sharing the Gospel with people…Definitely something I need to work on! And your blog is so beautiful and organized–thank you so much for blessing so many people! :D

  4. natalie Newman says

    This was a very truthful post! The things we say stay with our kids much longer than we think they do.
    I call my son (27) my favorite son….lol he is my only son :)

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